Project Management Complex? Not if you choose for At the Moment of Need! 

My name is Harm Dijkstra and we will work together closely if you choose to work with At the Moment of Need!

I am a driven and motivated person, who takes the lead. I have a passion for people and technology.
Professional, flexible and customer focused. I am analytical problem solver and win quickly the trust of customers and colleagues. I do this with humour, energy and passion throughout. These enable me, to get the job done!

I believe that every one of us has an amazing capacity to achieve something great. If only we had someone by our side, watching our backs and helping us get the things we want to get done, actually done. My name is Harm Dijkstra and I’m the Lieutenant every General wishes they had.

For over 20 years my ability to build structure, provide support, and learning has become better and better and better. A huge key to my success in supporting others is my organizational skills. Because I’m highly organized, I can manage projects with lots of moving parts quite easily, which reduces the stress of my colleagues and allows them to do what they’re really good at.

If we’re not moving forward, we’re moving backwards. I’m up for a challenge. I’m looking for a team that I can push to get even better. All that I have learned, all that I can contribute and all that I will continue to learn goes to the person or company whose vision inspires me.

Being involved in many complex projects within complex organizations such as the Dutch Tax Administration, Shell, Electrabel and Achmea, I had to deal with resistance and change management.

One of my strengths is building bridges between people, cultures, organisations and between the different  solutions that you have in place.

My work ethic is professional, flexible and customer focused. 

I am analytical and quickly gaining the confidence of clients and team members.

If you are interested in working with me you can contact me via mail of by phone. I looked forward to meet you soon!

Personal regards,

Harm Dijkstra

06 55 205 710